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ashe cosplay - standing

January 2014

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ashe cosplay - standing

Completed Sailormoon Wig

I just about finished this Moon wig, and thought you guys might like to see the process... I'll try to write a proper tutorial after Acen. ^^ But in the meantime, here's what I've got!

EDIT 04/21/09: New and improved tutorial here!

Aww, we start with this nice, pretty wig. It used to be my Rosette wig, and it was my Namine wig (but I got a new one that's cooler), and now it is going to be sacrificed to MOON. I bought a few colors of extensions to see which color would match the closest; this was the "Honey Light" color from Dr. Locks. Amphigory and Dr. Locks have similar color choices, so they're probably the best place to get supplies.

Also... Amphigory has a new wig that's already in curly pigtails (really good for Parakiss stuff, I hear), so I may try using that next time.

Aww, pigtails!

OH HORRORS, but look at that back! HIDEOUS!!!

But what is this? The beginnings of ODANGO. HAR HAR HAR!!

Time has passed... The wefts to fix the back have been installed... stitched in lovingly by hand, after lovingly being caulked together... And then set in place.

She is ready...

It is time.


Well, I stubbed it, so I can put those silly styrofoam balls on.

Stitching around the little 'ponytails' for the buns. I found, much to my dismay, that the elastics would snap after a while... Either get stronger ones, or use upholstery thread like I did.

Both tails, pre-odango.

Preparing to ODANGO (get it? Like FANDANGO? Whatever).

This was probably the hardest part about it. I had to take little sections at a time, 'heatseal' them with hotglue and my... uh... fingers. I'm honestly surprised I don't have blisters. My thumb hurts though. ;_; So either get a heatsealer, or use a pair of pliers or something.

Then each section would get tucked inside the styrofoam ball and glued in place. Again, MY FINGERS OWOWOW.

OMG ALL DONE. You've really gotta be patient. Doing just one took me about 45 minutes. Work with small sections so it can all be even. Hairspray will help, too.

With one, anyway. AUGH.

Tail and odango added to one side. I had to trim down the stubs alot to get the odango to fit. I didn't want to carve any more out of the inside of the ball. They're also stitched down a bit, I like to think it's very stable.

The application of the pigtails was similar, they're just stitched on, with their ends a lot like the tails before they went into the odango. I should have made a little 'dent' in the hole of the odango so the tail would have a place to sit. It doesn't look too bad though, from the front.

PLZ ignore my lack of makeup, flushed face, and no pins to keep my hair under the wig. I need to curl the bangs and little wispy things, and the ends of the tails a little, but overall, I'm pretty pleased. For a prototype, I think it's pretty passable.

Acen is up in less than a week now, and I've still got a lot to do! If you'll be there, please keep a look out for me, and if you like, attend my Final Fantasy Cosplay and Stage Presence panels! See you there! =D


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awsome 0_0 I think you did a great jpb!1 *addsto memories for future use*
I'm being lazy and using my own hair and extentions........I hope I can figure that out by acen.

on saturday I'll be eternal sailor moon....so yeah......but you doing serenity on sunday right? man, I migt have to break out the costume again on sunday and take a pic or 2 with you ^.^ good lukck on finishing costumes!
It's my first time to post a reply, thanks for your sharing.
oh I forgot to mention also, beautiful choice in color!!!

p.s. my username a cospay.com is Biscuit, in case you are wondering who this strange person is ^.^
It's my first time to post a reply, thanks for your sharing.
It looks amazing!! And your tutorial is very amusing XD
Yep, that's an awesome wig. I was a big fan of Sailor Moon back in my childhood, even now I feel those emotions when I talk about it. I used to call my little blond sister Usaghi. She would love to have one of these wigs. It's a good thing we have the tutorial, I'll try to surprise her on her birthday. This is perfect!
Um wow. That's a GREAT wig, Bev!
Wow I hadn't thought of wrapping the odangos quite like that. Thanks for posting! =D
WOW good job on the wig most peopel to the Odangos in not's on the top yours looks alot like the Live action good job


ZOMG! Thank you so damn much for this. I'm gone mad because I don't have the closiest idea how to re-make my Black Lady's odangos. Well, they are different from Usagi's but it's pretty similar XD
Just ask to this, where can I find that foam you used for the beginig of the odango?

Thank youuu

No problem!

I got the styrofoam at Joanns. ^^ They usually sell them in little packages of six. They have egg shaped ones, too, which may suit Black Lady a little better. Most craft stores will have styrofoam shapes, just ask!
Ooooh. Thanks for posting this; I'm definitely bookmarking it for later reference, since the character I'm considering right now has odango.

One question, though - for the tails themselves, is one pack of extensions enough for each tail, or did you need more than one? (Or would that entirely depend on where I'm getting extensions from in the first place?)
I got these extensions from Dr. Locks, and I used two packages for thickness, but only about 3/4 of the length (I don't like them full length, they tangle and are a general pain in the ass). Soooo, if you get them from there, there you go. I actually don't know of any other places offhand that sell them, and Dr. Locks is pure awesome, they are highly recommended. ^^


Hi there! It's me again, sorry xD
I've already done the odango process, it worked really well ^_^
But I have a final doubt (I hope)
How did you fix the odango to the wig and the rest of the hair. You glued it or sew?

Thanks once again ^_^

Both. ^^ Just in case. ^.~ You'll want an upholstery needle to get through the odango (those big curved ones).
I really liked the color of your wig and I like the inventive way you did the odango hair. It looks neater than mines... =P
I'm having problem finding that Honey light on Dr.Locks site though. Do you know what number/letter it was exactly.
I just know the extensions were honey light and honey sweet.. ^^ If they have numbers, I'm not sure what they are. ^^ Sorry!
I actually made my own, using Katie Bair's method for making wefts. ^^



Thats a nice tutorial and all. did not know that a good way to cover the foam balls like that. wow nice job.

one question. would you consider making a tutorial for the wefts making, i mean your own method.
That would help. ^^


Well done on the odangos but a tip you might try next time. Spray glue. Something like Elmer's® Craft Bond Spray Glue Extra Strength might save your fingers next time.
That's a really good idea, but I find that it darkens the color of the wig fiber. ^^ If you don't mind changing the color, that's a good way to go! Works really good for spiky hair!

Silicon caulking (yup, like you'd use on the sink) is also really good. *^^*
Thanks so much for this tutorial! *worship*
o_O I LOVE IT and it works wonderfully <3
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