March 8th, 2005

ashe cosplay - standing

Wigs & Wings!

Good evening! Faeriewings Custom Costuming has a few items up for grabs at the moment... The following are listed on eBay at the moment...

Excellent Light Blue Synthetic Wig, Long, with Bangs
Cute, Sweet Brunette Page with Bangs
Super Sexy Red "Dulce" Wig without Bangs (I wore this for a Scully costume and got RAVE reviews. XD)
And last, but not least... The Faeriewings Studio's newest product...
Mini Vinyl Demon Wings! (Pst! Click for photo! ^^)

I expect to be making a lot more of these, as they're totally adorable and fun! The ones on eBay at the moment start their bidding price at $35... That's $5 off the regular price at Faeriewings!

Please visit our eBay listings for more information, or see Faeriewings! Thank you!