September 6th, 2005

ashe cosplay - standing

New photos and NDK coming up!

New photos of Azmaria! =D Laura has done a fantastic job, as usual, please take a look!

NDK is just a little more than a week away, and I'm about all set... So here's the LIST:

Friday: Azmaria Hendrick {Chrno Crusade}
Saturday: Terra {Final Fantasy VI} & Rosa {Final Fantasy IV} (though not necessarily in that order. *O.o* I don't know.)
Sunday: Princess Serenity {Sailormoon, manga style} (take like... 4!)

I'm hoping to make it out to MHC for ONCE, since I haven't been able to attend for the last few years! For that, I think I'll just stick with Terra, but I'm also hoping to perhaps put together a Kira (from the Dark Crystal) costume. If I find myself terribly ambitious (and with extra money), I'd really like to do a Sophie costume, from Howl's Moving Castle.

See you at NDK!