October 24th, 2005

ashe cosplay - standing

Back from MHC!

Hey folks! I just came back from Mile Hi Con, and it was lovely! Laid back and relaxing, I got to chill with my friends and have a good time. ^^

I also debuted my new costume, something that makes me very happy! =D It's the Childlike Empress from the Neverending Story! Collapse )

I've wanted to do that since I was a little girl, and I hope to get some additional photos soon. ^^ Anyway, Charmed Seed Cosplay has also been updated with that page, as well as shifting around of In Planning and In Progress things... ^^ I've scrapped Zelda for Pretear, since I've been meaning to do it for YEARS, and haven't gotten to it yet... ^^ Some lovely friends of mine are also making costumes from the series, and they were tempting me. ¬¬

My little baby nephew, Ethan, is going to be Superman for Halloween, so I think I've decided I'll be Lois Lane. XD Polar fleece Superman. REALLY.

See you next month! =D Happy Halloween!