November 17th, 2005

ashe cosplay - standing

Happy Holidays!

Charmed Seed Cosplay has had a minor update, adding Suisei Seki to the lineup of costumes next year. ^^ Ok, I'm stopping now, promise. XD XD Therefore, also, the schedule has been shuffled a bit. ^^

I've put in a bid to do a Final Fantasy Cosplay panel at Acen... would anyone be interested? Would anyone actually ATTEND? XD I also hope to be involved in the Stage Presence panel again. ^^

And a bit off topic, but not terribly... ^^ Petite Story is the new website for the ball joint doll clothing that I'm working on. ^^ It's only got a few things up at the moment, but I hope to have a bit more, soon!

Hope everyone has a happy holiday! ^^