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Charmedseed Studios

Crafting, costumes, jewelry, fashion, DiY grown fresh daily!

Charmed Seed Cosplay
28 December 1980
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Cosplay Side...

Beverly began cosplaying in 1998 at the San Diego Comic Con International, and admits (with relish!) to having been swept up in the Sailormoon Obsession of the late 90s. Beverly has since moved on to other anime and games, and is partial to the pre-VII Final Fantasy games. Nan Desu Kan in Denver is her home convention, but she travels annually to Anime Central as well, close to where she grew up. To date, Beverly has completed over 30 costumes, not including historical reenactment clothing, wedding and bridesmaid dresses (which she has sworn off), and commissions (including that stuff would make the list over 100, probably. It's really hard to tell at this point).

A lover of natural fibers, Beverly has also proclaimed herself the "Frugal Cosplayer," and would rather dye her own dupioni silk, thank you.
Beverly reached the grand (and sort of embarassing) anniversary of ten years in cosplay in 2008.

Beverly @ ACP

Jewelry Side...

Beverly finds jewelrymaking a great deal of fun, and enjoys all mediums, but is partial to freshwater pearls, copper, and unique pressed glass. Beverly considers her style to fall somewhere among the words cute, funky, unique, artistic, simple, charming, fresh, magical, frugal. Her artist's instinct and creative background allow her to create good quality, not-too-expensive jewelry to compliment current fashion, but with a classic, vintage flair. Because of this, almost every piece is completely one-of-a-kind, the only one in existence.

Aside from blogging about all my hobbies, I am a graduate student and elementary school teacher in Denver, CO. I live minutes from all the exciting, creative, artsy places in Denver, and I absolutely love every bit of it. I am constantly busy.
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